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Episode #75: Judge and Jury



In this episode of the Airspeaker Podcast, Will joins Ed to discuss experiences, mainly Ed’s, of Jury Duty and other judicial related topics. Also in this episode, Neil C. and Annaleis from Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks podcast join Ed in a segment called Top 3, in which they list their Top 3 courtroom scenes in movies. Catch the their podcast every week at www.darkangelsandprettyfreaks.com. We also listen to comedian Dreek as he recounts his jury duty experience on his You Tube video.

Here is a quick rundown of what you will hear in this episode of the Airspeaker Podcast…
– intro
– death country music style
– Ed goes to jury duty; murder was the case that they gave him
– E.Y.P. Promo
– more jury duty experiences
– being stupid in your 20’s
– Neil C. and Annaleis
– Top 3 List: Ed’s picks
– The Wherehouse
– Top 3 List: Annaleis’ picks
– Dreek’s jury duty
– the ice cream truck returns
– Top 3 List: Neil C.’s picks
– more Dreek
– wrapping it up
– end

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Catch Dreek and the DreekNation at www.youtube.com/iamdreek 


Episode #74: Michael & Gillian


Welcome to Episode #74 of the Airspeaker Podcast! In this episode Ed talks to Michael Paul Smith and Gillian Pensavalle from the web series “The Residuals”. Catch both seasons and view outtakes of every episode at www.theresiduals.tv .



They talk about the making of Season 2 of “The Residuals”, using KickStarter, music, Columbo, old jokes, and road trips to In-N-Out.
Catch the web series at www.broadwayworld.com and on www.theresiduals.tv.

Also! Ed is a guest on the Dark Angels and Pretty Freak Podcast, Episode #76!
Catch it at www.darkangelsandprettyfreaks.com 

Episode #70: Virtually Listenable


Well, it’s been Two Years that Ed & Will have been doing this podcast and oddly enough the audio quality has gotten worse. Well, not always but it is in this episode due to reasons beyond our control but it is listenable, so you have been warned!

In this episode, Ed & Will discuss…
– Doing the podcast for Two Years!
– Ed’s night job activities.
– Witnessing a car repossession.

During the Break you will hear…
— Promo for the Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks Podcasthttp://www.darkangelsandprettyfreaks.com
A Preview of Episode Three of the Expand Your Playlist Podcasthttp://www.expandyourplaylist.com 
Promo for the Pure BS Podcasthttp://www.purebspodcast.com 

Back to the Show…
– Virtually Painless vs. Painless.
– Current T.V. Programming.
– Music Festivals / Concerts at the Orange County Fair 2015.
– Are wearing band T-shirts a thing of the past?
– The Throwback Music Generation.
– The Top 10 Song game.
– Movies to watch.
– Time for Ed to go to sleep.

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Episode #66: The Pests


In this music-themed installment of Episode #66 of the Airspeaker Podcast, Ed and Will discuss the recent Grammy awards. They also recap Kanye West’s rant against Beck, the academy’s inability to distinguish Rock Music from Metal music, and Sam Smith versus Tom Petty.

ALSO, Ed is joined by Steve Halprin and Chuck Diesel from the band “The Pests“. The New Orleans based post-punk have been making music for over 20 years and (atleast in the West Coast) have not gotten their due for making their brand of hard, fast, and real punk music. They call in and have a chat with Ed (aka Eduardo). We discuss a variety of topics including the release of their 3rd full-length album “A Damn fine Mixture” on vinyl. To see their video for “Pants On Fire”, check out their page at http://www.arena.com .

Music in this episode:
“I Admit It” by The Pests
“Pants On Fire” by The Pests

For more on The Pests’ music and videos visit  their website http://www.therealpests.com

Also on the podcast… Spots featuring:
A Night of Tribute / Saturday Feb. 21st @ The Airliner NightClub – L.A.

The Pure BS Podcasthttp://www.purebspodcast.com

Drinking At The Keyboard Podcasthttp://drinkingatthekeyboard.podbean.com

Episode #65: Fun With Sounds


In this episode of the podcast, Ed, Will, Kris, and Joe go back in time with some “Colorful” fun-filled pop culture sounds. The boys reminisce about sounds from the Hunger Games, Transformers, He-Man, Playstation, Video games sounds, and Techmo Bowl. The boys also go deep on having relationships publicized on the internet and tattooing names on one’s self.
tarra layne
Music in this episode:
“I Got Mine” by Tarra Layne

Podcast Shout-Outs in this episode:

Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks Podcast

The Listening Party Podcast

Episode #60: The Ballad of E. Bola


In this, the 60th Episode of the Airspeker Podcast, Ed and Will are joined by Joe in where they talk about Carpool lane woes, choosing PS4 vs. XboxOne, kids, and making a soundtrack for Ebola.

Music in this episode by…


The Ocean Cure
“Too Close For Comfort”.
Opening song clip 
Ebola (Parody of The Kinks “Lola”)
by ZDoggMD ft. Devin Moore

End song clip
Stop Ebola

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Episode #57: Another Airspeaker Joint


In this episode, why do some musicians self promote themselves in their own songs? Also, how did U2 manage to piss off some musicians and a TON of iTunes subscribers? AND, music in this episode by I’ve Got Gloria and Tarra Layne. More info about them are below.



I’ve Got Gloria

Song: “What You Need”
EP: Here We Are
Hometown: Niagra Falls, Ontario, Canada


Tarra Layne

Song: “Cherry Moonshine”
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA


Here are some shout outs to some of our friends and supporters.

Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks Podcast

Drinking At The Keyboard Podcast

Viatic Clothing Co.

My Villain Heart

Episode #56: Crash Landing


In this episode of the Airspeaker Podcast, Ed and Will discuss collectibles and paying for autographs, spoiler alerts, Jay Mohr live on stage and other comedians, the Kings of Comedy, the Lung Force Walk, and crazy sleepers before having a spectacular crash landing!

Music in this episode by:

Mesmi: “Stranger’s House”


Our friends in MY VILLAIN HEART will be performing at this year’s Lung force Walk sponsored by the American Lung Association.

A LUNG FORCE Walk or Run/Walk is like no other charity event. With an inspiring signature song and music, we will celebrate the collective power of our breath. Our voices will soar as we rally our friends, neighbors and colleagues to stand together, and walk together, against lung cancer—and for lung health for all.

Every day, we rely on our lungs to breathe, speak, sing, and laugh. At every LUNG FORCE Walk and Run/Walk, we’ll use our lungs to do all these things, and to power our bodies along a safe and scenic course.

We’ll also raise funds for research, advocacy, education and awareness. The more money we raise and the harder we work, the more we can help improve the quality of life for people living with lung cancer and other lung diseases, discover more successful treatments—and save lives.

They will be performing at a part of the Las Vegas Lung Force Walk Saturday November 1st, 2014 at 9200 Tule Springs Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89131, For more info go to http://lungforce.org/runwalk


Episode #54: Infliction


On this episode of the Airspeaker Podcast, Ed has a one-on-one conversation with writer, producer and director of the horror film INFLICTION, Jack Thomas Smith. Also, we look forward to the “Expand Your Playlist” episodes.

Infliction Poster No CreditsInfliction - Publicity Photo #1

“Infliction” is available on Walmart.com, iTunes, Amazon, Columbia House, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, CD Universe, FYE stores, Google Play, Vudu, Cinema Now, Vimeo OnDemand, Netflix queue, and other online retailers.

Music on this episode by:

Sky Burns Red: Riddle

Diemonds: Left for Dead

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Episode #53: The News Reel


In this episode, we scour the internet globe for news stories. We also fire up the new and improved News Reel as we listen in various news casts from around the globe.



Artist: Fire Tiger
Song: Energy
Album: Energy
Band Members: Tiff Alkouri, James Ramsey, Chris Cuomo, Cahuenga Mango

Quick Review: Put simply, if you have been craving for current day 2014 – 80’s music, then this album is for you! It’ll will give you 80’s flashback that you probably never had in the 80’s. Even if you were not born during the 80’s, you will feel like you had. Long story short, this album should be on your daily listening list. Great album!

Episode #52: Small Worlds


In this episode of the Airspeaker Podcast, Ed talks about his time being stuck on the “It’s a Small World” ride at Disneyland. Then, we hear new music from Sky Burns Red. Ed and Will welcome back to the show Joe and Kris, along with his son Mikeal, as we go back to the “Summerslam” recording sessions to hear more nonsense such as their review of the Guardians of the Galaxy, favorite junk foods, Star Wars, Ice Cream Trucks, and a whole lot more!

Also as a bonus, we premiere the latest single from Belle Rousse with “The Shane Song“.

Music On This Episode


Artist: Sky Burns Red
Song: Riddle
Album: Machines


Artist: Belle Rousse
Song: The Shane Song

Check out our review for “The Shane Song” right here!

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Episode #50: The Assembly Of The Brotherhood


On this our 50th episode, we assembled the whole crew.. Ed, Will, Joe, and Kris to record the episode before they watched WWE’s Summerslam. But before that, Ed and Will get together for the intro and they discuss they phenomenon that is the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS awareness.

After that, the brotherhood try to find out what the Hot/Crazy Matrix is. They also talk about mashable.com’s list of the 14 Guilty Pleasure songs. And finally they talk about the “Polish Selfie”… and no it’s not what you think.

Thank you all for listening! This is our Season Two finale! Thank you for the first 50 episodes. Hope you stick with us for the next 50. Who knows what it can bring and who knows who will be on!

Clip courtesy from James Yeager from Tactical Response

Ice Bucket Challenges gone wrong

Episode #49: Playback To The Future


With Season Two coming to a close, we look back at the season with a “best of” show featuring some of our highlights and maybe some lowlights along with some interviews and music that has been played throughout season two of the Airspeaker Podcast.

Here is a little rundown of in what episodes you can find the clips that where played in this episode. To find a particular episode you would like to listen to in it’s entirety, go to our Podcast Archive page and select your episode.

Clip 1): Episode #29

Clips 2 & 3): Episode #34

Clip 4): Episode #36 Belle Rousse Interview
Song: IDKU by Belle Rousse

Clip 5): Episode #35

Clip 6): Episode #38 & #39

Clip 7): Episode #44

Clip 8): #40 Mr. Fritz Interview
Song: Feeling You by Mr. Fritz


Clip 9): Episode #25 w/ Ivette Olivares

Clip 10) Episode #45

Clip 11) Back To The Future Medley w/ ZZ Top’s Doubleback

Thank you all for your support for the podcast. Hope you all keep listening as we continue on to Season 3. Feedback is always welcome. Let us know through Facebook: /airspeakerpod , Twitter: @airspeaker

Episode #48: Nerd Is The New Geek, Part 2


In this episode, Ed and Will continue on their Comic-con 2014 recap. They also embark on a new list game which still needs a name. Submit your name ideas on twitter @airspeaker or on facebook /airspeakerpod.

No new music on this episode but stayed tuned for a ton on episode #49.

Here are clips of some of the topics we discussed….

Episode #46: Service With No Smiles


In this episode of Airspeaker Podcast, Ed & Will discuss bad customer service as they listen to a customer service call of a Comcast Rep who went a little overboard trying to keep a customer. Other topics discussed: McGuyver aka Gerald McGuyver, Costco, Walmart, Downey Pizza Co. and more.

Music by:


Band: The Ocean Cure
Song: “Take Cover”
Members: Pauline Taylor & Nick Baskerville
From: Oakville, Ontario, Canada

That’s the Airspeaker Podcast for this week.
Thank you for listening!
Talk to you later.