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Episode #41: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left-Right, Left-Right, B, A, Select, Start


In this made-up episode, after recording the “Squared Circle Talk” episodes, Ed, Will, and Joe leave the mics on and babble about random topics including Top Videos Games of the 1980’s. Also, for our Music Intermission we listen to “Get The Fuck Outta Here” from DIEMONDS.

A Little More About…


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(Left to Right):
C.C. Diemond – Guitar Rippin’ & Whiskey Sippin’
Tommy Carvalho – Rockin’ Bass & Givin’ Chase
Priya Panda – Sweet Squealin’ & High Heelin’
Daniel DeKay – Flyin’ Vees & Smokin’ Trees
Aiden Tranquada – Drummin’ Thunder & Evil Plunder

Toronto is the setting for the most molten rock and metal scene in the western hemisphere. Meet Diemonds: the city’s hungriest band, clawing their way out of the underground with their modern day hard rock sound that draws inspiration from rock n’ roll’s heroes. Diemonds combine live theatrics and the antics of bands like Guns n’ Roses, Motley Crue, and Motorhead, with lyrics that speak to the outcasts, wild childs, and misfits. Then, they chew it up and spit it out in a way that only Diemonds can.

Never has the music world been so poised for a frontwoman like Priya Panda, a sultry singer who walks the indeterminable fine line between class and crass and breaks every cultural, social, gender and sexual boundary known to hard rock. If the ever growing legions of Die-Hards are any indication, Priya and the rest of her “Bad Pack” including C.C. Diemond and Daniel Dekay on guitar as well as Tommy Cee on bass and drummer Aiden Tranquada, are firmly carving their own path in music and hoards of rock fans are already along for the ride.

“Our fans have grown with us over the years, they’re a part of our gang and a part of our story. If you’ve ever felt out of place, you’re like family to us,” says guitar player C.C. Diemond.

Their full length record “The Bad Pack” has taken them on countless North American tours with notable stops at festivals like Heavy MTL, SXSW, Rocklahoma, Seattle Hempfest as well as support slots of legends like Slash, Steel Panther and HellYeah!

The meaningful connections Diemonds have made with fans around the world has been crucial to their success. Their highly coveted merchandise items are often sold out well in advance of their release and it’s the Diemonds fans that have inked the band’s logo on their skin, driven from miles around to see them and made them one of the first music acts in Canada to have a successful crowd funding campaign.

Named the Best Underground Artist of 2013 by High Times Magazine and UK’s Classic Rock Magazine selected their music video “GTFO” as the year’s 4th best. “Risking their safety and sanity for rock n’ roll please welcome Toronto’s wild and young…” – Classic Rock Magazine

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I love this album! Press play and let it rock you hard!
– Ed, Airspeaker Podcast