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Episode #71: Lo-Fi Highway


In this episode Ed rides solo as he takes time out from falling asleep at the wheel to record a quick thought-filled episode of the Airspeaker Podcast. Ed discusses debating on whether or not to go to his 20 year high school reunion, late night adventures at work, and his sports rankings.

Also you will hear a preview of Episode Four of the Expand Your Playlist Podcast, which is the musical side of the Airspeaker podcast heard at www.expandyourplaylist.com.


Episode #18: Riding Solo


In this episode, Ed rides solo with his portable recorder while on the road. This is a maiden voyage with the recorder so PLEASE excuse the sound issues… some background noises but mostly a lot of “P” popping, so apologies for that. But this is a test, if you all enjoy then there will be more portable recordings. So enjoy this rambling and very RAW episode of the Airspeaker Podcast.

Episode #6: Too Old To Drink


In this episode, Ed and Will talk about how their Easter Day experiences went. They also discuss drinking at weddings, and just drinking in general.