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Episode #72: Pausing Life

In this episode of the Airspeaker Podcast, the boys pause life for a minute to record an episode of the podcast.

Ed and will talk about..
– catching up since the last episode,
– when we die,
– driving in California,
– stickers on cars,
– traffic school,
– beards,
– & cinco de mayo.

We also briefly talk about Airspeaker’s spin-off music podcast, “Expand Your Playlist”. You will also hear a preview of the latest episode of Expand Your Playlist.

Intro background music bed by Chris Prythm with “Brighter Days”.



Episode 68: N.S.F.A.


In this episode of the Airspeaker Podcast, we pay tribute to a fallen episode that never made it to the light of day because of technical and human failure. Similar to the Tenacious D song “Tribute”. We pay tribute to the greatest podcast episode in the world.

The only drawback or blessing depending on how you look at it, is that our recap and telling of new stories combined with the frustration of losing the last episode brought out the colorful side in our conversations which led us to label this episode “N.S.F.A.” which stands for “Not Safe For Anyone!”

Here is what we spoke about…
– The lost episode recap
– Giga-What?
– Your wardrobe after death
– The Vegi-Tales
– Kim Kardashian joins the podcast!
– A rundown of Lil Dickey’s “ex-Boyfriend”

Then we hear a little preview of the Expand Your Playlist Podcast: Episode One.

Music on this episode:
The Pests: “I Admit It”

The Dollyrots: “Get Weird”

We also gave play a quick recap of Lil Dickey’s “Ex-Boyfriend”. Check out the video below!

Episode #64: The Fault In Our Podcast


In this episode of the podcast, Ed and Will are joined by Joe and Kris. They talk about what movies would be in their movie marathon. They also ambush Joe with some “The Fault in our Stars” talk. Ed and Will also discuss in strategy in playing head or tails and Facebook profile etiquette.

Music in the episode:
“Put On Your Sunday Clothes” by Micheal Crawford – from Hello Dolly! 1969 (opening theme)

“It Haunts You Now” by Go Betty Go

Episode #30: Back To The Christmas Future


In this after Christmas episode, Ed and Will recount some Christmas memories and as a bonus, play a deleted scene from Episode #29 where Kris from My Villain Heart, gives his theory about the movie “Rocky”. Stay tuned for the ending because Ed and Will return to explain how they are bad at predicting how the holidays will be.

Thank you and Happy Holidays!!!
Thank you all for downloading and listening to the podcast. We appreciate you joining us in 2013 and hope you continue to do so in 2014 where we expect big things!

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