Before Midnight

Here is the trailer for Richard Linklater’s third movie in the “Before…” Trilogy, Before Midnight. This installment will reunite Jessie (Ethan Hawke) and Celine (Julie Delpy) 9 years after the events of “Before Sunset” and 18 years after the events of “Before Sunrise”. Judging from the first two movies I would be excited to catch up wit these characters every 9 years for the rest of my life.



Our little podcast has taken it’s first baby-step, we are now officially on itunes!!! Search for Airspeaker on itunes and hit the subscribe button. Then prepare yourself for some HIGH-larious hijinks, tomfoolery, shenanigans, and all around absurd nonsense that drivels from our pie holes (mmmmmm pie).

“Batman ’66” digital comic coming soon!

Comic Book Resources has an exclusive interview with writer Jeff Parker about his new gig writing Batman ’66.  A digital comic that will tell untold exploits of Batman as featured in the 1966 TV show.  Of course we all know that Adam West famously portrayed the caped crusader along with Burt Ward as his “little chum” Robin for the TV series which lasted form 1966-1968.

I’ve been a fan Parker’s work for some time now and have no doubts that he will be able to do this fabled franchise justice.  Parker’s work on Agents of Atlas (Marvel Comics) shows that he has an understanding of characters emanating from the Silver Age of comic books.  With the incredible Mike Allred providing covers,I wish Allred was penciling the entire book as his pop-art inspired work is a dead-on match for the style of the show.  That is not saying that Jonathan Case will not do a good job I am jus not as familiar with his work as I am with Mike Allred’s. But, Judging form these first images being released Mr. Case seems very capable of giving us an awesome Batman book that looks like a lost Batman episode.

The book will be available only in digital format initially but is expected to collected and released in print form at a later date.  To the Batcave little chums!ImagePhoto is courtesy of CBR and DC Comics

My Chemical Good-Bye

So as you may have already heard, this past weekend theme members of My Chemical Romance announced that the band had broken up. Although I may not had been a hardcore fan, I enjoyed their music. I recently rediscovered their album “Welcome to the Black Parade” and had not stopped playing it since. From start to finish it is a great album and is suitable soundtrack for any feeling or situation you may be experiencing. Don’t believe me? take a listen for yourself. As an example here is the video for their song “Welcome to the Black Parade”.

Ed Gomez

Are you “crazy” for you job? Or, does your job make you crazy?

The Wisdom of Psychopaths: What Saints, Spies, and Serial Killers Can Teach Us About Success by Kevin Dutton list the top 10 professions in which psychopathy is most prevalent and the top 10 professions in which psychopathy is least present.

Are you in any of these professions?  Know any crazy people in these professions?  We’d love to hear your crazy stories of the guy who sold you your iphone that then you saw strangling kittens (not cats, strangling cats is OK, but kittens?!?!?).  Tell us your stories (or the stories about your crazy “friend”, of course we know it’s not you, it’s your “friend”) in the comment section below.

Top 10 Professions with Psychopathy                     Top 10 Professions w/ less Psychopathy

1. CEO                                                                       1. Care Aide

2. Lawyer                                                                   2. Nurse

3. Media (TV/Radio)                                                   3. Therapist

4. Salesperson                                                           4. Craftsperson

5. Surgeon                                                                  5. Beautician/Stylist

6. Journalist                                                                6. Charity Worker

7.Police Officer                                                           7. Teacher

8. Clergyperson                                                           8. Creative Artist

9. Chef                                                                         9. Doctor

10. Civil Servant                                                          10. Accountant


Original story can be found here.

Christy Turlington Is Lucky I Didn’t have the internet in 1995

Another prom season is almost upon us which can mean only one thing, another guy has asked out a gorgeous supermodel to be be his date.  This time the guy is Jake Davidson and the lucky?!?! model is KATE UPTON!!! And she is reported to be considering young Davidson’s offer!!!!  People has the story here.

And in case you’re interested here are some pics of Christy Turlington in 1990’s.

Episode #2: Vegan Dine and Dash


In this episode despite some audio issues and the occasional background parakeet, Ed and Will discuss veganism at a concert and the occasional dine and dash.

Take and listen! Tell a friend!

Wednesday Comics

Tomorrow is Wednesday, you know what that means…NEW COMICS!

My pull list this week is:

Chew #32 – John Layman and Rob Guillory continue their amazing and hilarious book about an FDA inspector with a special gift

Nova #2 – Jeph Loeb continues the adventures of Sam Alexander the newest member of the Nova Corps. Ed McGuinness provides the artwork.

Build your own pull list from here.

We’re going back to Neptune!

Veronica Mars: The Movie has now been confirmed and will begin filming this summer with expected release in early 2014!

VM creator Rob Thomas kicked off a kickstarter campaign and crowd sourced their goal of $2 million dollars in less than 8 hours!

For those of who have missed the sleuthing styles of Neptune’s fiercest (and cutest, sorry Enrico Colantoni and Ken Marino) check out this awesome trailer that reunites many of the principles in the cast to promote the kickstarter campaign.