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Ending to Begin

Hey everyone! Forgot we were still around? So did we. I hope you are having a bitchin’ summer!

We took a little time off from the podcast to deal with this phenomenon know as life, but we can’t let that stop us. So this is a reminder / warning.. We are coming back with brand new episodes in August! We are cutting off season 3 with three episodes left just to start Season 4 early! Stay tuned to your favorite Airspeaker outlet for episodes and to this website for more news!

You have been warned!


We Are Still Alive

Hey Airspeakers! It’s Ed and Will writing you all from T.A.H.I.T.I. (It’s a magical place) letting you all know that we are still here.. alive, and gearing up for more in 2015 with of the Airspeaker Podcast. New episodes, new features for the website, and new ways to support the podcast are in the horizon, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, now would be a perfect time to catch up on past episodes of the Airspeaker Podcast. Just click on the PODCAST ARCHIVE selection on the site menu up above and select from our 3 seasons so far of the podcast. You can also listen to us on the go with our various ways to stream or download our episodes through sites and apps such as iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, Spreaker, Player FM, and Soundcloud. Check out the side menu on the right or go to the WHERE TO LISTEN option on our menu. DON’T FORGET to leave us a comment and like, also share us with a friend or two. We would love to hear from you. We appreciate it!

Ed and Will

What is your favorite Christmas song?

We are conducting a scientific-ish study/poll for the holiday season that has been done every year by everyone else, but this year we do our own! We are compiling our playlist for an episode of the podcast of YOUR favorite Christmas songs. Everybody has one, usually more than one! We want to know what they are!

Let us know in a variety of ways. You either give us your favorite song or your top 5 songs by tweeting or facebooking us your choices. You can also email us your selection (even if you have more than 5) to

ALSO, make you selection(s) very specific because there are many versions of the same song, so we need you to be specific by giving us the artist and title.

Hope you can help us make this christmas episode a very special one! Those that help us out will get a shout out in the episode of whatever or whomever you’d like to shout out to!

So, what’s your favorite christmas song?

Have Something to Say? Leave Us A Message!

NEW to the website as well as on our Facebook page is the ability to leave us a voice message about anything you would like? Have a comment about a topic we discussed? Did we leave something out in story? Is there something you think we need to cover? Do you have a tourettes and you need an outlet? Leave us a message!!

It’s so easy to do so! It’s totally free and you do not need a phone to do so! Here’s how!

– Go to our webpage (which you are already here) and click on the “Drop Us A Voice Message Here” icon located in the top right of the page.


– You can visit


– Go to our Facebook page and under our header go to the “more” menu selection and select “send voicemail”

Then just follow the easy instructions and with the mic on your computer record your message (3 minute limit) and hit send. It’s just that easy!

NOTE: Some of the voicemail messages may be played on the podcast. You have been warned.


Got it? Ok! Hope you to hear from you all soon!

Ready to leave a message? Click the link below!

Episode #52: Small Worlds


In this episode of the Airspeaker Podcast, Ed talks about his time being stuck on the “It’s a Small World” ride at Disneyland. Then, we hear new music from Sky Burns Red. Ed and Will welcome back to the show Joe and Kris, along with his son Mikeal, as we go back to the “Summerslam” recording sessions to hear more nonsense such as their review of the Guardians of the Galaxy, favorite junk foods, Star Wars, Ice Cream Trucks, and a whole lot more!

Also as a bonus, we premiere the latest single from Belle Rousse with “The Shane Song“.

Music On This Episode


Artist: Sky Burns Red
Song: Riddle
Album: Machines


Artist: Belle Rousse
Song: The Shane Song

Check out our review for “The Shane Song” right here!

Thank you for listening! The Airspeaker Podcast is now on in iHeartRadio!

Airspeaker Podcast on iHeartRadio!

We are happy to announce that the Airspeaker Podcast is now available for streaming on the one and only, iHeartRadio! Download the iHeartRadio app on your mobile device or Click here to hear us on .

To find out all of the ways your can listen to the Airspeaker Podcast, click on the “Where To Listen” button on the menu.

AND HOWEVER YOU LISTEN, Please leave us a comment! We’d like to know what you think!

Reviews In Real-Time: The Shane Song by Belle Rousse

10561737_501957769906766_7625922742622691304_n (1)

A good mark of a successful song, no matter the level of success, is the “catchiness” of the song and the ability to be embedded in your head for a long period of time, making it seemingly impossible to get out. That is what the upcoming single by Belle Rousse, “The Shane Song”, does. We here at the Airspeaker Podcast were given the honor and opportunity to preview the track before it’s official release on September 10th, 2014 and so far it has not left my head.

With it’s infectious and poppy beats, this is a fun summer tune for your summer parties or cruising down the coast. It does have a certain Weezer-esc quality to it in which it has a simplistic approach lyrically but musically it still delivers a fun time. Included in the song is a question asking what it is about this boy Shane that makes him “so mother-fucking cool”. Leave it to a girl from Alabama to make California style tune.

Belle is a past, and hopefully a returning, guest on the Airspeaker Podcast who made her debut with an interview and with the song “IDKU” from the E.P. “Expressionate” on Episode #36 of the podcast.

So in summary, I was already a fan of her music – discovering her music through her Twitter – and her inventive versions of cover songs, so I wasn’t surprised that i would like this song. With “Speakers” being our version of stars, I give this song 4 out of 5 speakers. I gave this track a few listens and after every listen it just grew and grew on me. I’m interested to see what you all think of this song. I am also interested to see what more she has in store for us in the form of an upcoming album and beyond.

Written by Ed Gomez
Airspeaker Podcast
Twitter: @egomez277 / @airspeaker
Facebook: /airspeakerpod

“The Shane Song” will make it’s debut September 10th on

Support the Airspeaker Family during these tough times


The memorial services has come and gone but we can still help however we can.

Help Elias’s family, his loving wife, and three beautiful children through the hardship of losing him far too soon. Thanks for your support!

Eli passed away on Monday July 14th, from injuries sustained in a tragic car accident. He is survived by his beautiful wife Pearl, and three children. Eli was a motor officer and had a genuine love for the community he served. If Eli’ has ever greeted you with that big smile, you know that his heart was even bigger. This man truly touched the lives of many and will be missed more than words can ever express. Even after the memorial service, Eli’s family need as much support and love as possible. If you can help out his family please do so, donations can be anonymous, or you can leave a note for the family to read. Thank you so much for all the support.

Click here to donate:

Airspeaker on Spreaker!

We are happy to announce that there is another way now to listen to the Airspeaker Podcast thru Spreaker! Spreaker is another way to listen to the podcast, either online or thru their mobile app so you can listen to us anytime, anywhere! Visit and not only search for us by typing in “Airspeaker Podcast” but also follow us! Join us on Spreaker!


And Now A Small Break For Station Identification


Hey guys! Like always, thank you for listening and those of you who have also told a friend or two. No new episode this week, but we would like to direct you to our PODCAST ARCHIVE page (link located in the menu above) for those of you who haven’t caught up the latest episode (#41) or one of the other 40 episodes.

We will be back next week with a brand new episode leading up to Episode #50, our Season 2 Finale. Don’t have access to a computer? Look at our menu on the right side for all of the available options to listen to the podcast on any mobile device.

Talk To You Later,

New Music Mixtape… Our Gift To You.

March 2014 marks one year that we began this little podcast odyssey. We have said thank you enough, so as a bonus for you who listen and who check the site for bonus material, we created a blog-only mixtape of the bands we have played so far and some that are coming up in future episodes. As a favor to us take a listen to these songs and we would suggest you look into their catalog of work. They have put their heart and soul in making these songs and the least we can do is to show them support! Enjoy their music and thank you for supporting the Airspeaker Podcast!

Twitter Page
Facebook Page


Facebook Page
Soundcloud Page


Facebook Page
Twitter Page











Help Us Kick Cancer’s Ass!

Friend of the show, Henry Anthony Sanchez and wife Jennifer are battling something no family ever should but unfortunately they are. Jennifer is battling cancer and with your help we can team up to battle this disease one dollar at a time.

Go to or go to and search for “Thank you helping my mommy”. Although the battle for cancer has many stories, this one is near and dear to us here at Airspeaker and we need your help to donate to help them with medicial costs and etc.


For the full story go to

Any donation will help to kick cancer’s ass!

Thank you!
Ed & Will

An Airspeaker Thanksgiving Message

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Sadly, there will not be an episode of the podcast this week but we will be back next week with a brand new episode! For now here is a very special Airspeaker Thanksgiving message / mini recording.

Thank you to all of you who have been listening and continue to support us. We really appreciate it! Now hopefully this motivates us to actually get good at it!

Description of Episode #22

Hey guys, in a rush to get out the episode I didn’t explain it much. As you may have already heard by now it’s a bit of a mishmash of ideas, bits, and deleted scenes, thus the name “Radio A.D.D.” We are still trying to find our voice and format, so please bear with us but enjoy the ride as we build this leap of faith called the Airspeaker Podcast.

If you haven’t caught up yet, check out the “Podcast Episodes” page or find us on iTunes and Soundcloud.

Thansk for listening and reading.

– Ed Gomez

The Return of the Fabulous Forum


For years now while attending concerts, the atmosphere of the once Great Western Forum, now just called The Forum.. was a time capsule of it’s past glory from the days of the Los Angeles Lakers championships, the Los Angeles Kings games, and various events. Although the venue has history, it’s 80’s décor and stale odor made it an obsolete event venue in 2013.

The Madison Square Garden Company bought the property in 2012 and they announced this week that they have gone ahead with renovations to the Forum to make it Fabulous once again. The Forum is set to re-open in January of 2014 with the Eagles kicking things off with a concert. Among the renovations are new bowl construction along with new seating. Exterior work along with an Exterior Terrace, and Floor Level Hospitality renovations are among the new features as well a revamped Forum Club and Whistle Stop.

With venues like the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City, Ca closing it’s doors later this year, this is great news to a historical venue like the Forum which had lost it’s luster from the 1980’s hay day when it was a premier sporting venue. Now in 2014 it will continue on it’s legacy as a premier concert venue in Los Angeles and will once again put Inglewood, Ca back on the map!

For more info visit: