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Episode #75: Judge and Jury



In this episode of the Airspeaker Podcast, Will joins Ed to discuss experiences, mainly Ed’s, of Jury Duty and other judicial related topics. Also in this episode, Neil C. and Annaleis from Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks podcast join Ed in a segment called Top 3, in which they list their Top 3 courtroom scenes in movies. Catch the their podcast every week at www.darkangelsandprettyfreaks.com. We also listen to comedian Dreek as he recounts his jury duty experience on his You Tube video.

Here is a quick rundown of what you will hear in this episode of the Airspeaker Podcast…
– intro
– death country music style
– Ed goes to jury duty; murder was the case that they gave him
– E.Y.P. Promo
– more jury duty experiences
– being stupid in your 20’s
– Neil C. and Annaleis
– Top 3 List: Ed’s picks
– The Wherehouse
– Top 3 List: Annaleis’ picks
– Dreek’s jury duty
– the ice cream truck returns
– Top 3 List: Neil C.’s picks
– more Dreek
– wrapping it up
– end

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Catch the Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks Podcast on www.darkangelsandprettyfreaks.com 
Catch Dreek and the DreekNation at www.youtube.com/iamdreek 


Episode #73: The New Old School


Back with a NEW season and NEW episode of the Airspeaker Podcast! Due to life getting in a way, we have been gone for about a few months but we have returned with a brand new episode kicking off Season 4!

This is Episode #73: “The New Old School” and on this episode we go back to how it all got started. Ed & Will discuss random topics and recount certain events that has happened along their break the only weird way they know how!

In this episode they talk about… Jury Duty, The L.A. Podcast Festival, Watching the Simpsons, “The Aughts”, Numberization, Calling for Time, Watches, Fun with Calculators, Pager talk, Dial-up, Hitchbot, Philadelphia Sports Fans, Lavalanchula, and The Blue Oyster Bar.

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We appreciate all of the comments and messages while we were gone! We are back and stay tuned for more this season!

Last but not least, R.I.P. Hitchbot!
hitchbot-destroyed-philadelphia@2x hitchbot-vandalized-philadelphia-1

Ending to Begin

Hey everyone! Forgot we were still around? So did we. I hope you are having a bitchin’ summer!

We took a little time off from the podcast to deal with this phenomenon know as life, but we can’t let that stop us. So this is a reminder / warning.. We are coming back with brand new episodes in August! We are cutting off season 3 with three episodes left just to start Season 4 early! Stay tuned to your favorite Airspeaker outlet for episodes and to this website for more news!

You have been warned!

Episode #72: Pausing Life

In this episode of the Airspeaker Podcast, the boys pause life for a minute to record an episode of the podcast.

Ed and will talk about..
– catching up since the last episode,
– when we die,
– driving in California,
– stickers on cars,
– traffic school,
– beards,
– & cinco de mayo.

We also briefly talk about Airspeaker’s spin-off music podcast, “Expand Your Playlist”. You will also hear a preview of the latest episode of Expand Your Playlist.

Intro background music bed by Chris Prythm with “Brighter Days”.


Episode #54: Infliction


On this episode of the Airspeaker Podcast, Ed has a one-on-one conversation with writer, producer and director of the horror film INFLICTION, Jack Thomas Smith. Also, we look forward to the “Expand Your Playlist” episodes.

Infliction Poster No CreditsInfliction - Publicity Photo #1

“Infliction” is available on Walmart.com, iTunes, Amazon, Columbia House, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, CD Universe, FYE stores, Google Play, Vudu, Cinema Now, Vimeo OnDemand, Netflix queue, and other online retailers.

Music on this episode by:

Sky Burns Red: Riddle

Diemonds: Left for Dead

Stay tuned for the “Expand Your Playlist” music episode coming soon! For more follow on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/EYPlaylist or Facebook http://www.facebook.com/EYPlaylist 

Episode #20: To Keep or Not To Keep


In this Episode, Ed and Will discuss whether or not a fan kept homerun ball was a right or wrong decision. Plus a new feature is introduced, the Airspeaker Travel Logs. Subscribe and rate the podcast on iTunes and Soundcloud.

Episode #11: Are You a Hipster?


In this episode, Ed and Will give out a few shout outs to some up and coming podcasts. They also briefly talk about Nascar and they tackle the important question, Are you a hipster?

Thank you for listening to our podcast! Here are some new up and coming podcasts that we like and would like you to check out and subscribe to. Find them all on iTunes or find them at the links below.

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Episode #1: The Maiden Voyage


Welcome to the first official episode of the Airspeaker Podcast entitled “The Maiden Voyage”, which applies to their first trip on the podcast world and the possibilIty of the Titanic 2 coming soon.

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