About Us

What is the Airspeaker Podcast?
What’s an Airspeaker? What’s a Podcast?

The podcast consists of Eduardo (Ed) Gomez and William (Will) Rendon, long time friends born and raised in South Gate, California.  After a long time of contemplating doing a podcast because of the joyful nature and rhythm of our conversations (aka random bullshit) with ourselves and with friends, we wanted to put our own spin on today’s and yesterday’s news, pop culture, music, movies and more.

We are not comedians or actors or spokespersons or anything remotely professional. We are just two regular late-thirty L.A. family men / blue collar workers who find some time to record themselves being silly and letting off some steam after a long week.

Oh and by the way… a podcast is a internet radio show that varies in genres and topics and formats. Although most don’t make it through the radio waves, they recordings are made into digital audio files that are made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or portable media player, typically available as a series, new installments of which can be received by subscribers automatically. Got it?

Will & Ed
Will & Ed

What is an “Airspeaker”?

Airspeaker is a made up word that Ed created when building a concert directory website. The website didn’t last but the name did when it was re-purposed as the name of a blog and the podcast.

Where can I listen to the Airspeaker Podcast?

Well, your first and best bet would be to hear it right here on airspeaker.com. But let’s say you can’t be stuck in front of a computer listening to a podcast. Luckily we can be heard through many podcast mobile apps and podcast providers. All you have to do is subscribe for free and start listening. We also provide an RSS feed for those who would like to download the episodes on their MP3 device.

You Can Hear Us On:

Libsyn (Our Podcast and RSS Host)
Stitcher Radio on Demand
Player FM
Beyond Pod

RSS Feeds

Libsyn RSS 

Episodes are also posted on our Facebook and Twitter pages the day the episodes are released. No matter what you preferred platform is, please don’t forget to subscribe / follow / add / like us and feel free to leave us any comments and feedback at any time!

Building Through Word Of Mouth

Currently we do not have a big budget (or any budget at all) to promote or to get the word out like most podcasts normally do with advertisements, so we rely on you the listeners. If you like what you hear, tell a friend or two and repost our episodes through Facebook or Twitter. Also don’t forget to leave us comments on our postings no matter what platform you listen to. You can also leave us a comment through our pages throughout social media. To make it easier you can leave us a comment in the comment box below.

How To Contact Us
E-mail: airspeakerinfo@yahoo.com
Twitter: @airspeaker — @egomez277 — @willrendon77
Facebook: facebook.com/airspeakerpod

Instagram: instagram.com/egomez277


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