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Episode #32: Phoning It In


In this episode, Ed starts off the show as he waits for Will and learns that he is closer that he thinks, or at least his voice is. They also discuss about various lists they have come across.

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Episode #29: Villains


In this fun episode, all 4 members of My Villain Heart, join us as we talk about their upcoming EP “Here, There, and In Between” and we also review the Pear Jam concert we all went to back in November. Also, as of late with all of the criminal activity happening in the world today, the art of villainy has been lost. So we go back to movies, cartoons, and TV to list our favorite villains of all time. Of course no definative list was made, but it was fun to go through the memorable villains of our childhood and present time. Also, at the time of this recording we learn of the death of Paul Walker. R.I.P.


Episode #7: Cover Songs


In this episode, Ed and Will start a new segment called the “Airspeaker 5”, which is their version of a Top 5 list that varies in topics. Today’s topic, the top 5 cover songs! Below are the songs that made our top 5 so you can look them up and hear them for yourselves if you liked any of our choices. Also listed are those that did not make our list, but could have!

Have a list of your own? Agree or disagree with any of our choices? Let us know! Leave us a comment or email us at airspeakerinfo@yahoo.com

Ed’s List:
1) Darling Nikki – Foo Fighters
2) The Ghost of Tom Joad – Rage Against The Machine
3) Turn The Page – Metallica
4) Feeling Good – Muse
5) Gold Dust Woman – Hole

Will’s List:
1) Hallelujah – Jeff Buckley
2) With a Little Help From My Friends – Joe Cocker
3) No Controles – Cafe Tacuba
4) Let Down – Easy Star All-Stars
5) All Along The Watchtower – Jimmy Hendrix

Honorable Mentions:
~ How Can I Just Kill a Man – Rage Against The Machine
~ Landslide – The Smashing Pumpkins
~ La vie en Rose – Louis Armstrong
~ Hurt – Johnny Cash
~ Tide is High – Blondie
~ Where Did You Sleep Last Night – Nirvana
~ Heroes – The Wallflowers
~ Shadowplay – The Killers
~ Dead Souls – Nine Inch Nails
~ New Dawn Fades – Moby
~ La Negra Tomasa – Caifanes
~ Superstar – Sonic Youth
~ How Soon Is Now – Love Spit Love

What’s your Airspeaker 5?