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Welcome to the Expand Your Playlist.

Welcome to Airspeaker’s second podcast, a music podcast, showcasing new music by new & established bands and artists. Formerly known as the “Airspeaker Mixtape Music Series”, these music episodes are meant to showcase up and coming bands from all over the world who, for some reason or another, are unsigned or can not get radio airplay. With so many different styles of music and sounds out in the world, we try to not only expand your mind to these new artists but also Expand Your Playlist.

EYP_EP1EPISODE ONE: “Ladies First”
Welcome to Episode One of the Expand Your Playlist podcast. This is a new music showcase highlighting new band and artists that deserve more airplay everywhere!

In this episode you will hear music from the following band which is either a solo female artist, an all female band or a band with a female lead singer.

1) The Dollyrots: Get Weird – www.dollyrots.com
2) Fire Tiger: Energy – www.firetigermusic.com
3) Lindsay Mac: Remember – www.lindsaymac.com
4) Rachel Brown: Me & You – www.rachelbrownmusic.com
5) Tarra Layne: Cherry Moonshine – www.tarralayne.com
6) Go Betty Go: By Your Side – www.gobettygo.com



Below is the list of outlets in where “Expand Your Playlist” can be heard on. Follow us on these platforms to get updates on when new episodes are released.



Soundcloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/expandyourplaylist

Mixcloud: http://www.mixcloud.com/expandyourplaylist

Spreaker: http://www.spreaker.com/show/expandyourplaylist


You can also follow and like our social media pages.

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/EYPlaylist

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/EYPlaylist\


Expand Your Playlist’s Origin Story


It’s origin begins on the Airspeaker Podcast and Ed and Will’s love for music. A decision was made to play music on the podcast, but with copyright laws existing it made it difficult to play any music they wanted. Ed decided get permission with new and unsigned artists to play their music, filling the need of playing music and also giving deserving artists much needed airplay.

On the Airspeaker Podcast, we play at least one song as a part of an intermission break. So not only can your music a part of “Expand Your Playlist”, but it can be a part of random episodes of the Airspeaker Podcast if you as an artist decide to allow us to play your music.

Want To Have Your Music On Our Podcasts?

Are you a singer/songwriter or in a band? Do you produce your own music? Are you an unknown or unsigned artists? Or are you signed needing more exposure?? Then let our little podcast help you….. for free! Besides the same songs being played over and over on the radio, we know that there are a lot of new music out there from bands who are still struggling to get a break or just struggling to get some airtime. There may even be garage bands whose music never leaves the garage. This is where we come in.

How to submit your music.

It is really simple to have you music on our podcasts. The simplest way is to follow us on Twitter @airspeaker or @EYPlaylist. We also have a page on Soundcloud http://www.soundcloud.com/airspeaker . We also look for new music on Bandcamp. You can also reach us via e-mail with a your band’s information and small bio of your band along with either links to your music or mp3 or wav files of the songs you want us to listen to. We will listen to all submissions. E-mail us your submissions to airspeakerinfo@yahoo.com

If your songs are select we will let contact you via twitter or email. Another as an option to further promote your music is to come on the podcast for an interview. For booking inquires email us at airspeakerinfo@yahoo.com or message us on Twitter @ airspeaker or @ EYPlaylist and on Facebook at Airspeakerpod or ExpandYourPlaylist



Airspeaker Podcast Episode 55: Expand Your Playlist (Demo)

For full track listing, Click Here.

Here are past episodes of the “Mixtape Music Series” 


Mixtape III: 2014 (episode #62)

For full track listing, Click Here.


Mixtape II (episode #40)

featuring songs by “IDKU” by Belle Rousse / “Feeling You” by Mr. Fritz / “My Everything” by iLai Music / “Why” by StillChyld / “Goodbye” by My Villain Heart


Mixtape I (episode #27)

featuring songs by Courage, You Bastards: “Dockside Meetings” / My Villain Heart,: “Wasted Breath” / Robot Room: “Singularity”




We WILL NOT post, upload, or have your music be made for purchase your music on our site. Only links to your site or designated sites made for purchases will be allowed to be posted on our site.
We WILL NOT assume ownership of your material. We are just creating a small outlet on our show to showcase your material and will not play or distribute your music without your permission and consent. If you are signed with a record company we would like their permission as well to play your material without intent to sell or assume ownership of the submitted material.
The only distribution that will occur is when each episode of the Airspeaker podcast is released through their website and other third-party podcast directories when they become available for download solely for the listening opportunity of the listener. We are not responsible for any other download or distribution without the Airspeaker Podcast name. If issues such as stated above occurs, requests to pull the submitted material from the released episodes will be allowed and can be requested by e-mailing your request to airspeakerinfo@yahoo.com.

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