Episode #10: Sports Movies


In this episode, Ed and Will are joined again by Joe as they tackle the category of favorite sports movies in this edition of the Airspeaker 5! Subscribe and rate the podcast on iTunes, Soundcloud.com and on Podfeed.net also follow us on Twitter @airspeaker.

As we begin, let’s stand and take off your hats for our National Anthem….

Here is the rundown of the Airspeaker 5 list.
Will’s List:
5) Varsity Blues
4) Thrashing / Rad
3) Major League
2) A League of Their Own
1) The Sandlot

Ed’s List:
5) The Greatest Game Ever Played
4) The Mighty Ducks
3) The Hammer
2) Major League
1) Jerry Maguire

Joe’s List:
5) The Bad News Bears
4) Major League
3) Hoosiers
2) Rocky 3
1) Any Given Sunday



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