Reviews In Real-Time: The Shane Song by Belle Rousse

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A good mark of a successful song, no matter the level of success, is the “catchiness” of the song and the ability to be embedded in your head for a long period of time, making it seemingly impossible to get out. That is what the upcoming single by Belle Rousse, “The Shane Song”, does. We here at the Airspeaker Podcast were given the honor and opportunity to preview the track before it’s official release on September 10th, 2014 and so far it has not left my head.

With it’s infectious and poppy beats, this is a fun summer tune for your summer parties or cruising down the coast. It does have a certain Weezer-esc quality to it in which it has a simplistic approach lyrically but musically it still delivers a fun time. Included in the song is a question asking what it is about this boy Shane that makes him “so mother-fucking cool”. Leave it to a girl from Alabama to make California style tune.

Belle is a past, and hopefully a returning, guest on the Airspeaker Podcast who made her debut with an interview and with the song “IDKU” from the E.P. “Expressionate” on Episode #36 of the podcast.

So in summary, I was already a fan of her music – discovering her music through her Twitter – and her inventive versions of cover songs, so I wasn’t surprised that i would like this song. With “Speakers” being our version of stars, I give this song 4 out of 5 speakers. I gave this track a few listens and after every listen it just grew and grew on me. I’m interested to see what you all think of this song. I am also interested to see what more she has in store for us in the form of an upcoming album and beyond.

Written by Ed Gomez
Airspeaker Podcast
Twitter: @egomez277 / @airspeaker
Facebook: /airspeakerpod

“The Shane Song” will make it’s debut September 10th on


Episode #50: The Assembly Of The Brotherhood

On this our 50th episode, we assembled the whole crew.. Ed, Will, Joe, and Kris to record the episode before they watched WWE’s Summerslam. But before that, Ed and Will get together for the intro and they discuss they phenomenon that is the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS awareness.


After that, the brotherhood try to find out what the Hot/Crazy Matrix is. They also talk about’s list of the 14 Guilty Pleasure songs. And finally they talk about the “Polish Selfie”… and no it’s not what you think.

Thank you all for listening! This is our Season Two finale! Thank you for the first 50 episodes. Hope you stick with us for the next 50. Who knows what it can bring and who knows who will be on!


Clip courtesy from James Yeager from Tactical Response

Ice Bucket Challenges gone wrong




Episode #49: Playback To The Future

With Season Two coming to a close, we look back at the season with a “best of” show featuring some of our highlights and maybe some lowlights along with some interviews and music that has been played throughout season two of the Airspeaker Podcast.

Here is a little rundown of in what episodes you can find the clips that where played in this episode. To find a particular episode you would like to listen to in it’s entirety, go to our Podcast Archive page and select your episode.

Clip 1): Episode #29 

Clips 2 & 3): Episode #34

Clip 4): Episode #36 Belle Rousse Interview
Song: IDKU by Belle Rousse

Clip 5): Episode #35

Clip 6): Episode #38 & #39

Clip 7): Episode #44

Clip 8): #40 Mr. Fritz Interview
Song: Feelin’ You by Mr. Fritz


Clip 9): Episode #25 w/ Ivette Olivares

Clip 10) Episode #45

Clip 11) Back To The Future Medley w/ ZZ Top’s Doubleback

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Episode #48: Nerd Is The New Geek, Part 2


On this episode, Ed and Will continue on their Comic-con 2014 recap. They also embark on a new list game which still needs a name. Submit your name ideas on twitter @airspeaker or on facebook /airspeakerpod.

No new music on this episode but stayed tuned for a ton on episode #49.

Here are clips of some of the topics we discussed….

Episode #47: Nerd Is The New Geek, Part 1


On this episode of the Airspeaker Podcast, your hosts Ed and Will embark on a mission to attempt to get the whole recap of 2014 Comic-con all in one episode. They failed. But their failure is your gain becuase this means this episode is now a two-parter. Part two will be released next week, but for the meantime enjoy Episode #47: Nerd is the new Geek, of the Airspeaker Podcast.

Music by….


Band: Tin Join
Song: (Tin Jonic Remix) Gemma Hayes – Wicked Games
Hometown: Tel-Aviv, Israel

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Soundcloud Ramblings: 7/28/14

Hey everyone, this is Ed. I had a rant about something i noticed about youtube, and instead of making notes i just recorded it straight to Soundcloud. No edits, no listening back. Just record and post. Sorry for the bad quailty. Comment if you like to hear more ramblings from me and the others guys of the Airspeaker Podcast. Comment even if you don’t like it, just be gentle.

Reviews in Real-Time: Capital Cities


Artist: Capital Cities
Album: Tidal Wave of Mystery
Released: June 4, 2013

Written by Raul Leon – @VillainMy

Capital Cities is a dynamic duo (not of the Batman/Robin variety), a musical dynamic duo, reigning from Los Angeles. It’s members Ryan Merchant and Sebu Simonian have been collaborating musically since early 2008 when they initially found and met one another through a Craig’s List ad!!! They initially composed “jingles” for various advertisements and commercials. After approximately 3 years of success with jingle writing they decided to venture and create a musical collaborative, Capital Cities.

As Capital Cities they released their first album “Tidal Wave of Mystery” which includes their first hit single, “Safe and Sound”.
Their second single “One Minute More” (my favorite of their songs and the reason why I was ever compelled for my writing this review) arrived on the airwaves shortly after as yet another hit single. I feel that Merchant and Simonion found the perfect balance between a U2 style epic stadium rock and married it with an emotional and inspiring dance music. It truly is a beautiful piece. Simple and never forced, it flows naturally and gracefully.

With at least 2 hit singles in their pockets, two things are certain (listening to their other material):
1) these guys certainly are having fun with their music…
2) they truly have a feel for writing some catchy ass tunes…

I look forward to hearing what they create next? Check these guys out if you are looking for some fun heartfelt music.
“polluting the airwaves”…
MVH/Airspeaker Cabezon(es)

Episode #46: Service With No Smiles


On this episode of Airspeaker Podcast, Ed & Will discuss bad customer service as they listen to a customer service call of a Comcast Rep who went a little overboard trying to keep a customer. Other topics discussed: McGuyver aka Gerald McGuyver, Costco, Walmart, Downey Pizza Co. and more.

Music by:


Band: The Ocean Cure
Song: “Take Cover”
Members: Pauline Taylor & Nick Baskerville
From: Oakville, Ontario, Canada

That’s the Airspeaker Podcast for this week.
Thank you for listening!
Talk to you later.

Episode #45: Bleepin’ Good Times


On this Episode of the Airspeaker Podcast, Ed and Will are once again joined by Kris Serrano. Today’s topics that they tackled and questions that were asked were the following..
Who & Where is Wa***o?
Talking about the movie “Pump Up The Volume” and geeking out on Christian Slater movies
The Lego Movie
21 and 22 Jumpstreet
What exactly is Puritan Pussy?
The REAL history about Lincoln
World Cup Soccer talk… kinda
Trumpet talk
and more….

Today on the Music Intermission is the band Open Sails.


Band: Open Sails
Song: “All of Me”
Album: Open Sails
Released: 6/24/14
Hometown: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Joy Lynn – Vocals
Jared Christopher – Lead Guitar
Terence Gillespie – Bass
Casey Adams – Drums


Airspeaker’s Review in Real-Time: So right off the bat you get a hint of a Paramore influence when you first hear Open Sails, but don’t let that fool you. From their hometown of Calgary, Alberta Canada, they come at you with their first indie, self-titled, album with just a purely great hard rock/pop album that goes through strong track by track and quickly ends, leaving you wanting more. Great music by the band and strong vocals by Joy Lynn will make this a band to look out for in the near future whenever they come out here to the states. Choosing a song to play first from the album was a bit difficult with songs such as “Breakdown”, “Take It All”, and “Sunsets”, but we decided to go with “All of Me”. We hope to play more of them in the future and hopefully have them on the podcast! Hope you enjoy them as much as I did. (4 1/2 out of 5 headphones)

Ed Gomez – Airspeaker Podcast

To all check out these great podcasts who have graciously provided promos for us! Support you local podcasts!


Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks Podcast
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Drinking At The Keyboard Podcast
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Episode #44: Color Me Madd


On this episode of the Airspeaker Podcast, Ed, Will, and Joe fall down a rabbit hole that is the topic of.. Boys Bands. Also we revisit an interview we did with Raul Leon from My Villain Heart on Episode #28 when he revealed that he was a part of boy band called Sudden Exposure.

The song selection for the music intermission on this episode “Set It Up” Courage You Bastards

For more on Courage you Bastards, check out:

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Episode #43: Good Old Hockey Game


Ed, Will, and Joe return to discuss the great game of hockey as the Stanley Cup Final was underway…. then they veer off into other sports discussion.


Some of the finer points of hockey.


We should have used this explaination of “Icing” instead. Much more clearer.


Let’s put some money on the Cubbies!


Stompin Tom Connors: The Good Old Hockey Game

The Briggs: This is L.A.

Thank you for listening to this episode… Tune in for Episode #44, coming soon!

Episode #42: News and Notes


On this episode of the Airspeaker Podcast, Ed and Will tackle and talk about the various topics. Here is the breakdown…


“The Doors” – “Reading Rainbow Theme” (Jimmy Fallon from the Tonight Show)

Ordering at a Drive-Thru

Donald Sterling

“WTF” featuring Farrah Abraham (watch video on

Music by iLai Music: “My Everything”

More Sterling talk

Cat attacks Dog

Garfield and Scooby Doo

The New Batman

Live Action Batman the Animated Series intro

Gotham Trailer

More Music by Diemonds: “Left For Dead”

More Gotham talk


Thank you for listening to the Airspeaker Podcast!

And Now A Small Break For Station Identification


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We will be back next week with a brand new episode leading up to Episode #50, our Season 2 Finale. Don’t have access to a computer? Look at our menu on the right side for all of the available options to listen to the podcast on any mobile device.

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