Episode #56: Crash Landing

In this episode of the Airspeaker Podcast, Ed and Will discuss collectibles and paying for autographs, spoiler alerts, Jay Mohr live on stage and other comedians, the Kings of Comedy, the Lung Force Walk, and crazy sleepers before having a spectacular crash landing!

Music in this episode by:

Mesmi: “Stranger’s House”

Our friends in MY VILLAIN HEART will be performing at this year’s Lung force Walk sponsored by the American Lung Association.

A LUNG FORCE Walk or Run/Walk is like no other charity event. With an inspiring signature song and music, we will celebrate the collective power of our breath. Our voices will soar as we rally our friends, neighbors and colleagues to stand together, and walk together, against lung cancer—and for lung health for all.

Every day, we rely on our lungs to breathe, speak, sing, and laugh. At every LUNG FORCE Walk and Run/Walk, we’ll use our lungs to do all these things, and to power our bodies along a safe and scenic course.

We’ll also raise funds for research, advocacy, education and awareness. The more money we raise and the harder we work, the more we can help improve the quality of life for people living with lung cancer and other lung diseases, discover more successful treatments—and save lives.

They will be performing at a part of the Las Vegas Lung Force Walk Saturday November 1st, 2014 at 9200 Tule Springs Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89131, For more info go to http://lungforce.org/runwalk



Expand Your Playlist: More on Vol. 1

So if you haven’t noticed, we have launched a new episode of the Airspeaker Podcast that features music from new musical artists and bands who either have not been given much air play or who are brand new artists looking to get the word out about their music. Thus the “Expand your Playlist” episodes have been created, playing music from all genres and levels of musicianship. If you’d like to have your music on these episodes as well as our featured song in the regular episodes of the Airspeaker Podcast, submit your information and an mp3 of your music to airspeakerinfo@yahoo.com or follow us on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/EYPlaylist or follow us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/EYPlaylist

You can also follow us on our Airspeaker pages..

So far we have released Volume 1 of Expand Your Playlist. You can listen below. We are now accepting more submissions for future volumes.


In this Volume of “Expand Your Playlist” we start things off with our playlist of “Rock” music, spanning through all types of genres of rock featuring British Rock, Hard Rock, 80’s Rock, Alternative Rock, Southern Gritty Rock, and Battle of the bands winning Rock!

Here are some bonus info and content from each band that was not posted on the original post. Enjoy!


Artist: Sky Burns Red
Song: Riddle
Album: Machines  (Available on iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp and Google Play.)|
From: Swindon, England UK



Artist: Courage You Bastards
Song: Set It Up
Album: Across Those Fires and the Dark (Available on iTunes)
From: Los Angeles, CA



Artist: Fire Tiger
Song: Energy
Album: Energy (Available on iTunes and Amazon)
From: Los Angeles, CA


Artist: I’ve Got Gloria
Songs: When In London
Album: Here We Are (Available on Bandcamp)
From: Niagra Falls, Ontario, Canada



Artist: Tarra Layne
Song: Cherry Moonshine
Album: Live @ Yellow Couch Studio
From: Pittsburgh, PA / Los Angeles, CA



Artist: Eclipses For Eyes
Song: Sharks
Album: Letters (Available on iTunes)
From: Tempe, Arizona

If you’d like to submit your music, email us at airspeakerinfo@yahoo.com or follow us on Twitter @airspeaker or @EYPlaylist or like us on Facebook /airspeakerpod or /EYPlaylist


Episode #55: Expand Your Playlist Vol. 1

In this episode, we turn over the podcast to musicians and their music to help you EXPAND YOUR musical PLAYLIST. In this playlist we take a journey through all kinds of Rock.

Music in this episode goes as follows…


Sky Burns Red

Courage You Bastards
Set It Up


Fire Tiger

I’ve Got Gloria
When In London

Tarra Layne
Cherry Moonshine


Eclipses For Eyes

If you’d like to submit your music, email us at airspeakerinfo@yahoo.com or follow us on Twitter @airspeaker or @EYPlaylist or like us on Facebook /airspeakerpod or /EYPlaylist


Episode #54: Infliction

On this episode of the Airspeaker Podcast, Ed has a one-on-one conversation with writer, producer and director of the horror film INFLICTION, Jack Thomas Smith. Also, we look forward to the “Expand Your Playlist” episodes.

Infliction Poster No CreditsInfliction - Publicity Photo #1

“Infliction” is available on Walmart.com, iTunes, Amazon, Columbia House, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, CD Universe, FYE stores, Google Play, Vudu, Cinema Now, Vimeo OnDemand, Netflix queue, and other online retailers.

Music on this episode by:

Sky Burns Red: Riddle

Diemonds: Left for Dead

Stay tuned for the “Expand Your Playlist” music episode coming soon! For more follow on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/EYPlaylist or Facebook http://www.facebook.com/EYPlaylist 


Reviews in Real-Time: Tusk

So the “real-time” that it took me to watch this movie was ’til opening day. I purchased the tickets (ok, the wife did), got my drum of soda, sat down and proceeded to watch about 15 minutes of previews for horror movies that i will not see because i don’t like scary movies. So why am I here to watch this “horror” movie? Because it’s the new film “Tusk” by Kevin Smith and somehow I knew i would end up loving this movie.

Quick Back Story: The story is taken from Kevin Smith’s podcast (SModcast #259), Kevin and Scott Mosier pretty much create the plot of the story out of a Canadian story Kevin read about an old man looking to rent out a room in his home in exchange, the renter must for a certain amount of time each day wear Walrus suit and act like a Walrus so the old man can relive a time when he was stranded with a Walrus and befriended him. The movie is about a podcaster, played by Justin Long, who is in search of the weird and the interesting for his show. A failed guest opportunity in Canada takes him to find a lonely old man, played by Michael Parks, with a lot of amazing stories to tell but quickly things take a turn.

Back to the Review: I came to watch this movie because as a fellow podcaster, I love how stories and ideas can come out of conversations and this conversation resurrected the movie making career of Kevin Smith who had just retired from moving making. The film is another Kevin Smith classic but with a horror-ish twist. For those who listen to the SModcast, there any many references to the podcast and to the SModcast universe such as Kevin’s other podcast hosted by Ralph Garman, “Hollywood Babble-On“. It has a lot of inside jokes for the true SModcast fan!

On a Side Note: I am a BIG fan of Ralph Garman starting off with his comedic talent on the Kevin & Bean Morning show on KROQ 106.7FM in L.A. He is a great character actor and i’m sure you’ve seen or heard him in a bunch of movies and TV shows such as.. Red State, A Million Ways To Die in the West, The Joe Schmoe Show, voices on the Family Guy and a bunch more. Check out his iMDb page if you don’t believe me.

Back to the Review: I can babble-on all day about the movie and Kevin and Ralph because i’m a Smod-Geek. Kevin is one of my many inspirations for starting my own podcast and just letting my creativity and “whimsy” fly.

So in Closing: I loved this movie!! The actors were great! Michael Parks, Justin Long, Haley Joel Osment, Genesis Rodriguez, Ralph Garman.. they all made this movie come to life! Not to mention the writing and directing of Kevin Smith was awesome. I truly enjoyed this film and the fun adventure it took me on. It’s a fun, engaging, at times weird, horror-comedy film and it will make me stay tuned for Kevin’s next feature! “Babble-On” and “Have a week“.

Oh by the way….. GUY LAPOINTE IS MY NEW FAVORITE CHARACTER OF ALL TIME!!! Want to know what i mean? Who is he? What does he do? See the movie!

5/5 speakers (which means it’s great!)

Written by Eduardo Gomez
Airspeaker Podcast


Episode #53: The News Reel

On this episode, we scour the internet globe for news stories. We also fire up the new and improved News Reel as we listen in various news casts from around the globe.



Artist: Fire Tiger
Song: Energy
Album: Energy
Band Members: Tiff Alkouri, James Ramsey, Chris Cuomo, Cahuenga Mango

Quick Review: Put simply, if you have been craving for current day 2014 – 80’s music, then this album is for you! It’ll will give you 80’s flashback that you probably never had in the 80’s. Even if you were not born during the 80’s, you will feel like you had. Long story short, this album should be on your daily listening list. Great album!


Episode #52: Small Worlds


On this episode of the Airspeaker Podcast, Ed talks about his time being stuck on the “It’s a Small World” ride, and we hear new music from Sky Burns Red. Then, Ed and Will welcome back to the show Joe and Kris, along with his son Mikeal, as we go back to the “Summerslam” recording sessions to hear more nonsense such as their review of the Guardians of the Galaxy, favorite junk foods, Star Wars, Ice Cream Trucks, and a whole lot more!

Also as a bonus, we premiere the latest single from Belle Rousse with “The Shane Song“.


Music On This Episode


Artist: Sky Burns Red
Song: Riddle
Album: Machines



Artist: Belle Rousse
Song: The Shane Song

Check out our review for “The Shane Song” right here!


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Episode #51: Oh Yeah…




On this Season 3 primere of the Airspeaker Podcast, Ed and Will talk about the newest Carls Jr commercial, the Simpsons marathon and the joys of being Scott Weiland. At the top of the show Ed talks about recent good news including the podcast being on iHeartradio!! Bad news is also talked about with the recent passing of our friend, Jennifer Sanchez.

Music on this episode: “When In London” by I’ve Got Gloria

Reviews In Real-Time: The Shane Song by Belle Rousse

10561737_501957769906766_7625922742622691304_n (1)

A good mark of a successful song, no matter the level of success, is the “catchiness” of the song and the ability to be embedded in your head for a long period of time, making it seemingly impossible to get out. That is what the upcoming single by Belle Rousse, “The Shane Song”, does. We here at the Airspeaker Podcast were given the honor and opportunity to preview the track before it’s official release on September 10th, 2014 and so far it has not left my head.

With it’s infectious and poppy beats, this is a fun summer tune for your summer parties or cruising down the coast. It does have a certain Weezer-esc quality to it in which it has a simplistic approach lyrically but musically it still delivers a fun time. Included in the song is a question asking what it is about this boy Shane that makes him “so mother-fucking cool”. Leave it to a girl from Alabama to make California style tune.

Belle is a past, and hopefully a returning, guest on the Airspeaker Podcast who made her debut with an interview and with the song “IDKU” from the E.P. “Expressionate” on Episode #36 of the podcast.

So in summary, I was already a fan of her music – discovering her music through her Twitter – and her inventive versions of cover songs, so I wasn’t surprised that i would like this song. With “Speakers” being our version of stars, I give this song 4 out of 5 speakers. I gave this track a few listens and after every listen it just grew and grew on me. I’m interested to see what you all think of this song. I am also interested to see what more she has in store for us in the form of an upcoming album and beyond.

Written by Ed Gomez
Airspeaker Podcast
Twitter: @egomez277 / @airspeaker
Facebook: /airspeakerpod

“The Shane Song” will make it’s debut September 10th on www.belleroussemusic.com


Episode #50: The Assembly Of The Brotherhood



On this our 50th episode, we assembled the whole crew.. Ed, Will, Joe, and Kris to record the episode before they watched WWE’s Summerslam. But before that, Ed and Will get together for the intro and they discuss they phenomenon that is the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS awareness.


After that, the brotherhood try to find out what the Hot/Crazy Matrix is. They also talk about mashable.com’s list of the 14 Guilty Pleasure songs. And finally they talk about the “Polish Selfie”… and no it’s not what you think.

Thank you all for listening! This is our Season Two finale! Thank you for the first 50 episodes. Hope you stick with us for the next 50. Who knows what it can bring and who knows who will be on!


Clip courtesy from James Yeager from Tactical Response

Ice Bucket Challenges gone wrong




Episode #49: Playback To The Future


With Season Two coming to a close, we look back at the season with a “best of” show featuring some of our highlights and maybe some lowlights along with some interviews and music that has been played throughout season two of the Airspeaker Podcast.

Here is a little rundown of in what episodes you can find the clips that where played in this episode. To find a particular episode you would like to listen to in it’s entirety, go to our Podcast Archive page and select your episode.

Clip 1): Episode #29 

Clips 2 & 3): Episode #34

Clip 4): Episode #36 Belle Rousse Interview
Song: IDKU by Belle Rousse

Clip 5): Episode #35

Clip 6): Episode #38 & #39

Clip 7): Episode #44

Clip 8): #40 Mr. Fritz Interview
Song: Feelin’ You by Mr. Fritz


Clip 9): Episode #25 w/ Ivette Olivares

Clip 10) Episode #45

Clip 11) Back To The Future Medley w/ ZZ Top’s Doubleback

Thank you all for your support for the podcast. Hope you all keep listening as we continue on to Season 3. Feedback is always welcome. Let us know through Facebook: /airspeakerpod , Twitter: @airspeaker 

Episode #48: Nerd Is The New Geek, Part 2


On this episode, Ed and Will continue on their Comic-con 2014 recap. They also embark on a new list game which still needs a name. Submit your name ideas on twitter @airspeaker or on facebook /airspeakerpod.

No new music on this episode but stayed tuned for a ton on episode #49.

Here are clips of some of the topics we discussed….

Episode #47: Nerd Is The New Geek, Part 1


On this episode of the Airspeaker Podcast, your hosts Ed and Will embark on a mission to attempt to get the whole recap of 2014 Comic-con all in one episode. They failed. But their failure is your gain becuase this means this episode is now a two-parter. Part two will be released next week, but for the meantime enjoy Episode #47: Nerd is the new Geek, of the Airspeaker Podcast.

Music by….


Band: Tin Join
Song: (Tin Jonic Remix) Gemma Hayes – Wicked Games
Hometown: Tel-Aviv, Israel
FB: http://www.facebook.com/tinjonicmusic
SC: http://www.soundcloud.com/tinjonic

Support the Airspeaker Family during these tough times


The memorial services has come and gone but we can still help however we can.

Help Elias’s family, his loving wife, and three beautiful children through the hardship of losing him far too soon. Thanks for your support!

Eli passed away on Monday July 14th, from injuries sustained in a tragic car accident. He is survived by his beautiful wife Pearl, and three children. Eli was a motor officer and had a genuine love for the community he served. If Eli’ has ever greeted you with that big smile, you know that his heart was even bigger. This man truly touched the lives of many and will be missed more than words can ever express. Even after the memorial service, Eli’s family need as much support and love as possible. If you can help out his family please do so, donations can be anonymous, or you can leave a note for the family to read. Thank you so much for all the support.

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